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If you’re reading this review it probably means that you are experiencing one of the worst moments of your life. You are trying to find someone that can help you legally. You might feel lost, confused, desperate for answers and not sure who to turn to. You only know one thing: that you are a good person who was wrongly accused and you need a good lawyer. I just described my experience to you. I didn’t personally know Marie Taraska at the time when my entire world collapsed like a loser in a Jenga game. I didn’t know whether to turn left, right, up, down, sideways. I researched lawyers online with shaking hands and came up with Marie’s website. I have always been a faithful person and believe that there’s a higher power that guides us when we are lost. I am ever so grateful that I called Marie Taraska during my darkest moment because she was my lighthouse during the storm. I don’t normally write reviews, actually this is my first one. I’m writing it because I don’t ever want another human being to feel like I felt and not have the support and legal guidance that Marie gave me. I am honored to have met her. Marie Taraska is not just an attorney, she is a caring human being who has the experience to defend you when you need it most. I’ve been an educator for twenty years. Teaching is not just a job for me, it’s a calling. Inspiring children to be the best they can be is my purpose in life. That is what Marie Taraska will do for you. Marie will listen, guide, and vigorously defend you and inspire you and others to believe and live your innocence.


Marie Taraska saved my life. I was going through a nasty divorce and had allegations made about me that lead to me being indicated with DCFS. Marie went above and beyond with helping me clear my name. Not only in my DCFS side of everything she helped my other lawyers with the civil side too. Her experience and knowledge really showed all through my case. If I could give a higher rating I would definitely – a life saver.


“Marie Taraska is the kind of person you hope your kids grow up to be like. Smart, talented and making the world a better place. I had a false DCFS allegation to deal with – We hired Marie. 1. Emotional wellness. I had never been through anything like this and it was heavy. From Day 1 – she made the entire process better and lighter. She has such specific knowledge of this legal niche it is a major advantage. 2. Communication. She was incredibly timely and flexible regarding communication. She would call me back on Friday afternoons in the middle of family obligations that she had like it was nothing. She cares about her clients. 3. She knows the system. Marie helped me launch over every hurdle the process presented. She knows how to execute the delivery of your truth to investigators in the optimal way. 4. She gets results. Chicagoans remember what it was like having Jordan on the Bulls. You just knew we were going to win. Hire Marie today for that same feeling.”


“I will forever be grateful for Marie Taraska. This was the first time I had ever been involved in a serious legal matter. Imagine DCFS coming to your home stating they are investigating you for abuse and neglect. I would never harm my children or anyone else’s. The fact that someone lied and said I would put a child in harm’s way was hurtful and frightening. DCFS thought they had enough credible evidence to eventually indicate me. I knew immediately this indication would be detrimental to my career as well as my reputation as a mother. After shedding so many tears and praying to God to bless me with a lawyer who was knowledgeable, aggressive and affordable, he led me to Marie Taraska. Not only was she my lawyer, but she was an angel in disguise. I was so hysterical, but Marie told me to have faith that the truth would prevail. When we went to court, Marie showed her skills. She was assertive, intimidating, and sharp! She was able to prove the person who initiated the call and the DCFS investigator were not credible. Marie even left the prosecutor speechless at times. My expungement was GRANTED and my career was saved! Marie did not view me as a dollar sign or just another case, she saw me as an individual who was falsely indicated and made it her mission to prove that.”