Client Reviews

In the midst of an ugly divorce, I was charged with Aggravated Stalking.  Between a highly contested divorce and a new law I felt the cards were stacked against me.  My family retained Marie Taraska while I was in custody.  The first time I saw her was at my initial bond hearing.  She argued for and was able to have me released on bail that same day which I later learned was highly unusual for this charge.  Marie guided me through the next 18 months of court dates and eventually a jury trial.  Along the way different people made several attempts to get me to accept a plea agreement.  Marie always let me make my own decisions with the aid of her experience and perspective.  She did encourage me to go to trial rather than plea guilty to a lesser crime that I did not commit.  She told me “I don’t believe innocent people should ever admit to things they did not do.”  She also made sure I was aware of the potential down side to my going forward. I was looking at a potential sentence of five years in jail if convicted.  She prepared me at each turn and managed my expectations through out the process. She enlisted the aid of multiple experts and colleagues who had special skills and resources.  When the case finally went to trial the prosecution presented several witnesses.  When it came Marie’s turn to cross-examine each witness she very skillfully dismantled each of their testimonies.  Ultimately she used the prosecutions own evidence to prove my innocence.  After four days of trial the jury returned a not guilty verdict in less time than it took to walk to lunch at the court house cafeteria.  In the after math I summed up the experience to a friend… “This attorney gave everything she had… and then she borrowed more to save me.”   R.Z.

"I will forever be grateful for Marie Taraska. This was the first time I had ever been involved in a serious legal matter. Imagine DCFS coming to your home stating they are investigating you for abuse and neglect. I would never harm my children or anyone else's. The fact that someone lied and said I would put a child in harm’s way was hurtful and frightening. DCFS thought they had enough credible evidence to eventually indicate me. I knew immediately this indication would be detrimental to my career as well as my reputation as a mother. After shedding so many tears and praying to God to bless me with a lawyer who was knowledgeable, aggressive and affordable, he led me to Marie Taraska. Not only was she my lawyer, but she was an angel in disguise. I was so hysterical, but Marie told me to have faith that the truth would prevail. When we went to court, Marie showed her skills. She was assertive, intimidating, and sharp! She was able to prove the person who initiated the call and the DCFS investigator were not credible. Marie even left the prosecutor speechless at times. My expungement was GRANTED and my career was saved! Marie did not view me as a dollar sign or just another case, she saw me as an individual who was falsely indicated and made it her mission to prove that." L.A.

After doing some research and looking around for the best possible lawyer to represent me, I undoubtedly knew that Marie J. Taraska was the most qualified and best choice for me! Most importantly I felt the most comfortable with her. Her passion and level of professionalism was more than I ever could have asked for or expected. She represented me at first in a small criminal case. I was so pleased with her services and how hard she fought for me that I did not even think twice about hiring her again when I was forced to go through a custody battle shortly thereafter. Ms. Taraska is very knowledgeable in many areas of the law and is great at breaking down the legal jargon into layman's terms for her clients. No matter how busy she was, she always made time for me when I needed her. The empathy she has for her clients is outstanding. That paired with an amazing attitude and passion for her work means she has me as a client for life! I would gladly recommend her to any of my friends and family in need of legal help and/or advice. A.J.H.